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Another List of ETF? For What?

posted Apr 29, 2011, 10:19 PM by Admin   [ updated Apr 30, 2011, 3:44 PM ]
So what is and why do we need another list of ETFs?

I am sure you have seen all that different list of ETFs. by categories, by sub-categories, by sub-sub-categories. How about by no transaction fee? What about a list of brokerage firms where you could trade your favorite ETF commission free?

There wasn't such a need a while back, because, well, other than a few brokers, all the brokerage firms charge a flat transaction fee for each ETF trade. Even though Index Fund (ETF) has become a favorite investment vehicle due to low expense ratio when comparing with mutual funds, note, close to 70% of the mutual funds cannot even beat the S&P index, one main complaint on ETF was the transaction fee, not much but it does add up. Now, as the competition between brokerage firms gets tougher each day, more and more firms start to offer free trades on Selected ETFs. Not all, but selected ones. So it's easy to open account at a broker thinking you can trade your favorete ETF for free there and only find out that ticker or category is not on their selected list. And then, you either start taking a commission hit each time you trade, or you go thru the hassles to open account somewhere else and transfer assets. is founded to list all the ETF and transaction fees by brokerage firms. so you can find the right place to trade them, with zero or low commissions.

I hope you find this blog or the site helpful. Oh, one last thing, free ETF trade doesn't mean you need to be trigger happy on trades. Happy INVESTING!